Ben Bowen is a Hamilton-based jazz trumpeter, mellophonist, and composer. He has worked with such acts as Lily Frost, Tamara Williamson, Junetile, Nick Zubeck, Brian MacMillan, Miranda Stone, and Mary Simon, among others. His experimental jazz project explores tunes from other musical genres in an instrumental pseudo-jazz context, including songs by Bruce Cockburn, the Beatles, Radiohead, Jonatha Brooke, Bjork, and others, as well as a growing repertoire of his original material.


January 2nd, 2007 + 4:01 PM  ·  btbowen

put this together for a remix contest for Canada's public broadcaster. Thought it was great, but it didn't get anywhere. I had a totally different, much more industrial-sounding version that I also sent in that also didn't didn't make it, and wheras it took easily 18 solid hours to do, this probably took 4, and was by *far* the more superior.

Almost Born

January 1st, 2007 + 4:01 PM  ·  btbowen

Ben Bowen ~ guitar, vox, keys, trumpet, sequencing

...written in anticipation of my daughter coming into the world (dob 271006!)

Three Blind Mice v2

August 30th, 2006 + 2:08 PM  ·  btbowen

So this is the second run at it... did add some bass, as well as a couple of other horns as pads in the background (trombone and mellophone)...

I actually think the trumpet is sharp, too, but I haven't yet had time to re-record it.


Three Blind Mice

August 29th, 2006 + 2:08 PM  ·  btbowen

about to become a father... revisiting some tunes from my own childhood. does this sound like a demo?

Blues for Paul

May 26th, 2006 + 3:05 PM  ·  btbowen

preparing to record an EP for official release this year, and am really moving in a new musical direction: much simpler with fewer chords and more melodic lines. so this is really a demo that I'm hoping to extend for the "official" recording later.

and therefore...  this is by no means a final product... and in fact, if someone could give me some hints on how to make sequenced drums sound better, that would be amazing.

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